my holidays this xmas

For my christmas holidays im going to my dads for five and a half weeks i only have one week of year 9 left till im in year 10 scary hey! i leave on sunday the 17th to go to queensland. for christmas day were just going to have a lunch and late dinner with my nan and pop plus the rest of the family it should be a fun chrissy day. Hopefully im going to go to dreamworld and wet and wild and other places. For chrissy im getting a digialt camera from my dad thats all i know so far. this years be an awesome year i have made so really good frienships that i hope go right thourgh till year 12


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what it means to be grown up

what it means to be grown up its were you come out of your childhood and teenage life were you become grown up or classed as an adult this is  were you will be able to take resbonablty for your own actions.

people think that being all grown up is fun but really its half and half now you have to pay your bills and stuff like that.

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My holidays

On the school holidays i spent most of my holidays with rachel apart from two days were i worked one of the days so i had to go home. rachel and myself went to the city with my aunty hedidi and my three cousins emma,will and lili. it was an early moring for myself and rachel that was not cool. we were going to see the idols but there were to many people and my cousin strated to lili stared to get bored. so we went to the melbourne museum after the long walk there. at the museum we seen things like dinosaurs and anmials but the were stuffed and really freaky. it really sad because they were once alive to after the musuem we got the train home it was fun but other than that me and rach were either at chrinie or eastlands. oh then on sat we went to a 21st it was really funny coz every one was so drunk me and rach were the only ones that were not drunk so that was my holidays!!!

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okay my story is about a sister and brother Marissa and Bailey they soon  find out that there dad is dieing of a bad disease not only that he’s really close to Marissa.  marissa mum and dad have been married for 6 and a half years. when her dad simon gets sick her mum Linda can’t take it anymore.So Linda breaks it to him ” i wont a divorce” they had to break it too the kids marissa took it really bad. she wished it was a dream but it wasn’t a dream it was real no matter how much marissa tried to tell her mum it was a bad idea linda still wouldn’t change her mind. At the moment marissa hated her mum for every thing so in the end her mum finds a new boyfriend and he hates the kids and wonts to send them to boarding school.  

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my spelling test words

Famished Feline FictionAwesomeFurniture FabricFavourite DrivingLethalFascist

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doctor who





1 a) the doctor is prejudice against the dalek because he killed all these people. b) The dalek is prejudiced against every one who isn’t a dalek because they thought the humans were evil and mean and deserved to die. c) Van statten could be described as being prejudice against anyone who isn’t human because he torches them and hurts them and keeps them locked upd) can you think of any other examples of prejudice yes there’s a lot like racism, sexism, being disabled, ageism, homophobia, single mums, the way you dress, the way you look, having  a different background, were you live 2) The doctor prejudice against the dalek it turns from a sort of hate to a bit of a softie in the end and doses not kill him3) The dalek sort of becomes nice to Rose because she gave him life and helped him be free4) The dalek is similar to the Nazis because he was evil and they killed a lot of people 5) I was bullied at my old school when we moved from
Queensland to
Melbourne because I was not all like the other girls that liked make up, nail polis and all the hair pieces and not the girl that liked brats or Barbie dolls it made me feel like I was different to all of them    

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when i moved from my auntys to my new house

when we moved to melbourne for the first 6 or so months we lived at my auntys it was okay for the first 3 months and so on i had to share a room with my cousin emma shes okay but sort of messy. were i like my room clean i have to other couisn will and lili it was really loud because there really little like 5 and 6 year olds are all the engergy in the world. when we moved i was at my dads in qld i didnt know what the house looked liked but when i got home to melbourne and seen it i loved it is an upstairs downstairs house the first thing i knew was it was going to be really quite i did my room and it was good to have a room that was clen and it was my room.

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were do sterotypes come from?

i think they come from all over the place and from every one because some people are nice and like you beacuse your you and others will hate you because your not popurlar or you dont smoke or some thing like that or they think there better than you i think were all as good as each other the media some times makes things worst because some times they say stuff thats not true to get peoples attition on the subject or they twist stuff around to make it sound better

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have you ever had to behave different?

yes my dad said to me once i should be like him when he was growing up i didnt like that very much because it was like i couldnt be myself i had to be this perfect person like he was well as i said im not you and thats that when you behave like some one tells you to it sucks coz its not you because your not you your who there trying to make you and you cant be your self  

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do you think stereotypes exist?

yes and no in a way i think they do and in a different way it donsent exist sometimes  people expect you to be somthing your not and sometimes who you are they change peoples minds about different  things but in a different way they dont exist because really its up to you and you only can change who you are  

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